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Occupational Health and Safety

Facts you might Not be aware of:

You have four basic Health and Safety Rights:  

The right to Know, the right to Participate, the right to Refuse Unsafe Work and the right to No Discrimination. These rights are discussed in detail for you HERE.

Occupational Health and Safety Program requirements from the Workers Compensation Act are listed HERE.  Pay special attention to Part 3 Division 3 sections 115 - 120.  Also scroll down the page to see the requirements of a Joint Health and Safety Committee.  Pay Close attention to Part 3 Division 4 Sections 125 - 140.

Workers, Worker Reps and Joint Health and Safety Committee members shall freely exercise any right or carry out any duty in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation without threat of retribution or discipline for doing so.  This is covered in Part 3 Division 6 Section 151.   

The Occupational Health an Safety Regulations also cover details about Occupational Health and Safety Programs.  That information is HERE.

Information​ about Accident / Incident Investigations is located HERE.

Working Alone Handbook

How to make your workstation fit you

Legislation about the following:



4.20.1 Definition

4.20.2 Hazard identification, elimination and control

4.21 Procedures for checking well-being of worker

4.22 Training

4.22.1 Late night retail safety procedures and requirements

4.22.2 Mandatory prepayment for fuel

4.23 Annual reviews of procedures




4.27 Definition

4.28 Risk assessment

4.29 Procedures and policies

4.30 Instruction of workers

4.31 Advice to consult physician ​


Useful Links:

BC FED Health and Safety Website

BC Municipal Safety Association

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

CUPE National Health and Safety

Employers Advisers Office

Govt of Canada Employment Insurance and Compassionate Care Benefits

Mental Health Resources

VIHA Mental Health, Substance Use and Crisis Services

WorksafeBC : Safety at Work 

Workers Advisers Office

CUPE 401 Occupational Health and Safety Committee Chair: 

Craig Zmurchyk

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